Did a PDX Doula support your birth? Share feedback, photos, or birth stories!

Despite a wonderful partner, the very capable and caring midwives, and even my own determination, I ended up feeling that my labor and birth would not have been nearly as successful without the help of a doula. -OHSU Patient

The doula was lovely and available… the laboring mother seemed to benefit from her presence and technique. She seemed willing to meet the patient wherever she was, and had useful techniques to offer. -OHSU RN

The doula did really well with helping the patient acknowledge the emotions involved with labor/delivery. Example:’It’s okay to let out your emotions.’ I think this helped the patient a lot! -OHSU RN

Your presence for our birth meant so much to us. We were thrilled that you wanted to be there. . .you were much more than a spectator, doing far more than what we expected. . .If we were to have another baby, we’d have to hire you . . . because you spoiled us. Thank you again. -OHSU patient and family

Thank you is quite inadequate. . .You are far too dedicated and we are exceedingly grateful for your labor of love to our family. You were such a help and we appreciate so much of your gift of time and energy. Thanks so much. -OHSU patient and family

Both my husband and I felt that the doula took the pressure off of him, and he was able to help me better with her guidance, rather than being alone and without an idea of what to do and how to help. I will definitely recommend you to my pregnant friends! -OHSU patient

The doulas were vital in the care for this patient who was pursuing a VBAC.  They kept her mobile despite many monitors and I know she felt safe and cared fo r. – OHSU Midwife

She was great!  She came right when things got tough.  She listened to me talk, scream and pant through labor and offered really helpful suggestions as well as being hands on.  She did whatever was needed and jumped right in to many roles – massager, photographer, breathing coach. – OHSU Patient

She was the model doula – nurturing, knowledgeable, accommodating and very appreciated. – OHSU Patient

She assisted with position changes, back pressure and gave great breathing guidance.  She was a calm presence, soft tone and demeanor and extremely encouraging to the patient.  She also gave continued support to the dad in joining the labor process.  This labor would have been much more challenging for all involved without her help.  Thank you so much – keep up the fantastic work! – OHSU RN

She was very easy to work with and does an excellent job as an advocate for her patients.  I very much appreciated her focus and pain management techniques and that she did not interfere with the medical management of her patients.  This patient obviously benefited from her support and had a beautiful delivery without medication. – OHSU MD

She was just wonderful for this couple!  She used hands on support for contractions, offered different positions and encouragement and the patient was very pleased.


She had excellent rapport with the patient – very motivational and very comforting!


She had lots of good information and acted as a patient advocate and bridge between family and medical staff in a very helpful way. – OHSU RN

She built a rapport with the patient very quickly and completely changed the attitude in the room in a positive way.  It was clear the family was truly thankful to have her there and so were we! – OHSU RN

Having a doula made me extremely comfortable during a difficult delivery.  She encouraged and welcomed my husband to the birthing process.  The doula movement should become an in-despensible part of the enlightened delivery team. – OHSU Patient

Photos courtesy of Lani Doser