Terms of Use

PDX Doulas is a nonprofit organization that provides birth doulas at no cost to women at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) Hospital.

The healthcare staff, as well as patients, are required to fill out an evaluation about our services.

Each PDX Doula will have a support group available to assist them by telephone and in person for their births. They have each received professional training and support through PDX Doulas. They have completed multiple interviews, a drug screen, a background check, and floor orientation specific to OHSU labor and delivery. All of our doulas are certified or seeking certification.

Our doulas sign up for their volunteer shifts one month in advance based on their availability to serve.  Therefore, we are unable to accommodate patient or staff requests for specific doulas.

If you are interested in hiring a PDX Doula outside of our program, your terms and agreement will vary by doula.  You would be hiring this doula independently and pay any fees directly to her.  Please note that if you hire a PDX Doula privately, we ask that you pay a $25 referral fee which helps to fund our program website, trainings, publications, and toll free number.

Photo courtesy of Hanna Vogel