Zoe Smith

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While teaching preschool for ten years in Los Angeles I was able to share in the experiences of individual children’s growth, and the growth of families which inspired me to train as a birth doula in 2014 at Bini Birth with Ana Paula Markel, the current DONA Board President. In 2017 I joined PDX Doulas and I am working towards my DONA certification. While taking nursing school prerequisites I was able to attend hospital births, both vaginal and C-section, and supported families as a volunteer in the Post-Partum and NICU departments at Santa Monica Hospital. My goal is to nurture families through their birth experiences by providing physical and emotional support in collaboration with healthcare providers. It is through open communication and care in the form of massage, assistance with birth positions and props, verbal encouragement, validation and compassion that a doula’s work is best accomplished. Birth is an incredible process and each birth entirely unique, and a doula is there to embrace it.


Outside of the birthing world I practice Iyengar yoga, spend time in Forest Park running, and mushroom foraging, I knit and delve deeply into cooking. If I am not doing any of these things then I am probably out square dancing or line dancing!