Trish Woodbury, CD(DONA) - Doula Advisor

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My desire and role as a birth doula is to provide continuous comfort and reassurance to the whole family during labor and the precious moments right after birth.  My main focus is on momma knowing that all other family and support people may need a little help as well.

I am passionate about each woman experiencing birth in her own very personal and unique way and helping her and her family through the wonderful birthing process.

As a postpartum doula my intention is to help the whole family adjust to the early days after the new baby arrives. I specialize in night time post partum work and training babies to sleep while giving mommas and dads some much needed sleep.

I have been a lay doula for over 30 years and have attended numerous births including, home and hospital, non-medicated and medicated, multiples, preterm and cesarean. I have worked alongside midwives, obstetricians and obstetric nurses.

I am Hypnobirth™trained and a Certified Happiest Baby on The Block™ Educator.  I love working with families to help them realize what they already know and to gently guide them in ways they may want to go.

I am a transplant to the North West from Southern California and love the rain, green trees and waterfalls so prevalent here. I have had the privilege of giving birth to three seriously humorous children.