Samantha Abbott - Executive Director

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I came to the birthing world after being present for the birth of a friend’s second child. It was absolutely the most normal thing I had ever seen, in the deepest way. A few years later I realized that this was not perhaps what everyone felt about birth, and that being present for birth was a seamless blend of my skill set and passion, and so I began my doula training with Birthingway College. My training was completed the summer of 2014 and I was invited to join PDX Doulas in the winter of 2015. I am currently in school and I hope to become a nurse-midwife and continue my studies to do a doctorate in nursing practice.

As a doula I feel that I can better serve women in labor by listening and watching first, and speaking second. My goal when I walk into the birth room is that I help facilitate the birth that is right for you and your family as best I can. This may mean giving your partner a break to decompress or showing them how to better engage with the moment you are in. It may mean cracking some jokes or getting into some focused guided imagery. It thrills me to do this work and it is an honor for me to be part of the amazing care team at OHSU and an honor to serve the women and families who choose to give birth here.