Katy Gray - Board Member

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Raised in a rural farming town, I first fell in love with birth by attending to animals on the farm as a child. This early exposure to the miracle of life stayed with me into adulthood. After attending Linfield College and receiving my bachelor’s degree, I went to in the field of social justice and worked with individuals and mothers facing incarceration. This renewed my interest in the area of birth by working to promote maternal health care, especially for those facing hardship and poverty. My path to being a doula was finally made clear through speaking with close friends about their first pregnancies and labor experience. Particularly those who faced difficulties in conceiving and who had benefited from a strong health care support team, including a doula, during their births. My interests in birth, promoting increased resources for women, and my strong desire to be a supportive role in helping birthing families is what led me to work toward a career in labor and delivery.

I returned to Portland State University in the fall of 2013 and am currently completing my nursing pre-requisites. I attended courses for Birth Doula training at Mother Tree in spring of 2014 and in January of 2015 I joined PDX Doulas. I offer support for women and birthing families by creating a calm emotional presence and working with my intuition to meet the needs of the mother and family during labor. Physical comfort techniques include massage, utilizing positions to help ease birth pain and promote progress, and other pain relief and relaxation techniques. I also help assist with collaboration between birthing families and their health care providers to promote the best communication possible regarding their care during their birth.

In my spare time I enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible by hiking and camping. Gardening, crafting, playing the violin, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.