Emma Lindberg - Board Secretary

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I came into doula work because of a passion for supporting women and families in a transitional period of their lives. I fell in love with the role of unconditionally supporting mamas and families in birth. Birth is magical and empowering and as a doula I am honored to be a part of that experience with you and your family. My goal through doula work is to help you feel confident, to trust your body, and help provide tools for you to make informed decisions along the road that is birth. I honor that every journey is unique and I strive to meet you where you are and personalize my care based on your desires as a family. I want to help eliminate any “what if’s” so you feel confident in your birth story.  In postpartum care I can support your families transition fully by helping to integrate that new life into your existing home. My goal in postpartum is to honor that emotional journey and help families find their new normal.

I received my labor and postpartum training through Mother Tree in 2016 and I am currently a member of PDX Doulas at OHSU. I am working towards DONA certification and participating in the Gateway Doula Project at Providence Hospital.

When I am not immersing myself in the birth world I enjoy reading a good book, being surrounded by water, and going to see good movie.