Beth Mathis, CD(DONA) - Board Secretary

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I love birth and birthing mothers. Birth is the most intimate and rewarding gift we have. It should be treated as such.

My interest in this field started with the birth of my son in 2009. I had looked into having a doula, but could not afford one at the time. After the birth, I realized that much of the difficulty I experienced could have been alleviated with the continued support of a doula. I decided then that all women should have the right to choose a doula, whether they can afford one or not, and that I would be honored to be able to assist other mothers to have the birth they are hoping for. I strongly believe in a mother’s intuition. I believe all mamas should be encouraged and supported during this challenging, but very rewarding time in her life. I work with mama & partner to help a mother feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, making the birth faster and easier. We try different positions, breathing techniques, and visualization. I encourage the mother to listen to her body and work with it. I try to get the partner involved as much as they or mama wants them to be.

I am currently certified through DONA.

I spend my free time with my husband since 2004 and son and daughter that completed our family in 2016. We do a lot of family activities and volunteer work. I am also an avid runner and enjoy hiking and snowboarding.