Becky Blakeslee

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I want to help you feel powerful and successful in your birth.

Pregnancy, birth and bringing a new baby home are immense changes in a family’s life.  I feel passionate about helping new parents get the best start possible. I believe that healthy attachment begins during pregnancy and is strengthened when a woman is deeply cared for during labor and delivery and continues with dedicated support during the weeks after baby is born.   Strong families are made from parents who are well-rested, well-fed and well cared for.

I received my birth doula, post-partum doula and Lamaze childbirth education training through Mother Tree during the early months of 2017.  I joined PDX Doulas as a volunteer doula in the summer of 2017. I am excited to be part of this community of big-hearted, generous and inspiring women, sharing our love of birth and babies.  

I live on a farm in Vancouver with my dog, an Australian cattle dog named Roscoe.  The farm has horses, ponies, goats, a pair of mini donkeys and even a mini cow. When I’m not working, I take Roscoe for a ride in the car or for a long walk, his two favorite activities.  I am a beginning quilter, so I spend a significant amount of time on Pinterest and YouTube looking for inspiring quilt patterns and tutorials or at fabric stores looking for materials for my next project.  I also love spending time with my four children and six grandchildren.