Bonnie Farmer, BA, IBCLC - Board President

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Giving birth is an intensely personal experience. Mothers find their own strength to birth their children. But I know many ways to support mothers along their way. And I can pass ideas along to loved ones, so they can be all the more helpful on the big day.

Some of my favorite techniques distract the nervous systems of laboring moms from the contractions by adding sensations. Water is great for this. I have used water in some way at all of the births I have supported- even if we can’t use a tub. I have a variety of tools for different situations and stages. I can also help moms to shift their internal focus using breathing and visual techniques. Position, movement, massage and simply being held are also a powerful aids.

I completed DONA training in March of 2008. And began working with PDX Doulas late that year.  PDX Doulas has been the most important part of becoming a Doula. It provided not only practice with techniques; but also the experience to find the emotional stance needed to support moms on some of the most intense and memorable days of a lifetime.

In March of 2011 I attended The Tummy Team’s “Perfect Pushing” class. So I can provide some specific suggestions to help focus mom’s pushing instincts as she feels the time arrive.

Long interested in the inherent logic of nature, I received my B.A. in Biology, from Lewis and Clark College. While in college I did a study abroad trip to Ecuador and stayed for an internship with the YMCA. So I can speak some Spanish.

I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2013.  In 2016, I joined Vancouver Public Schools as the teacher for their Pregnant and Parenting Teens program.