Join Us

At this time we are not accepting any new volunteers as our program is on hold.

Steps to becoming a PDX Doula:

  1. Complete an accredited birth doula training course (DONA, CAPPA, ICEA, etc.)
  2. PDX Doulas prefers new doulas to have acquired one birth experience as a doula, AND/OR have provided significant labor support in a hospital setting AND/OR have given birth in a hospital. (Please contact us if you are having trouble finding your first birth and would like assistance.)
  3. Attend our Collaborative Practice Advanced Doula Training at OHSU
  4. Fill out a PDX Doulas application (provided at our training)
  5. When you are selected for an interview, you will submit 2 references and copies of your training certificates at the interview
  6. Invitation by the PDX Doulas Board to join our organization
  7. Meet with OHSU Volunteer Services (Background check, TB test, HIPPA, OHSU orientation and tour, parking, OHSU badge)
  8. Attend PDX Doulas Labor & Delivery Floor Orientation and receive a PDX Doulas Resource Notebook.
  9. Attend between 1-3 PDX Doulas births as an apprentice doula and receive approval to practice without further mentorship
  10. Congratulations! You are now an official PDX Doula.

Benefits to being a PDX Doula:

  • Give back to your community
  • Mentorships with experienced doulas
  • Connect with a community of women passionate about birth
  • Opportunities to strengthen leadership skills
  • Scheduled on-call hours
  • Build friendships and find back-ups for your doula practice

Due to the nature of the services we provide, PDX Doulas must be selective with the doulas
who are invited to join. Our emphasis is on finding doulas who are receptive and able to work
professionally in hospital birth realms. Our doulas must be able to support a woman for up to 12
hours and commit to our program for at least 6 months (1 year preferred). They must be available to
be on-call for two 12-hour primary shifts  (or one 24-hour shift) and one 12-hour back-up shift per month, Fridays 8am – Sundays 8pm.