PDX Doulas was conceived in October of 2000 by five new doulas with a dream of serving birthing mothers at OHSU. Thanks to the dedication and heart of the OHSU Midwives and OHSU Volunteer Services, along with our doula volunteers, we served our first family in June of 2001.

Since its inception PDX Doulas has had the privilege of providing professional doula services at no cost to 500+ birthing women and their families. We have attended high risk births, cesarean births, waterbirths, VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean), and supported grieving parents at stillbirths.

From June 2007 – April 2009 PDX Doulas worked in collaboration with OHSU Midwifery services to expand our services and provide 24/7 on call doula care to OHSU patients. Through a generous grant by CareOregon, we were able to provide doula services at no cost for approximately 20 births per month and also give our doulas a small stipend for their generous gift of time and talent.

In March of 2009 we completed the second of two grants and once again rejoined OHSU Volunteer Services. We are available around the clock from Friday 8:00 AM – Sunday 8:00 PM. PDX Doulas has thrived in partnership with OHSU and we are honored to continue serving the Portland community!