What We Do


PDX Doulas provide FREE professional birth doula services at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) Hospital to any woman who wants one. Our doulas are on-call Friday 8:00 AM – Sunday 8:00 PM. If you are interested in having a PDX Doula attend your birth, please speak to your nurse when you arrive on the Labor & Delivery floor, or feel free to call our hotline: 1-877-PDX-OHSU.



  • Receive training on collaboration, diversity and patient confidentiality
  • Complete background checks, hospital orientation and continuing education
  • Are required to be certified or in the process of certifying
  • Assist with comfort measures such as massage, relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques
  • Suggest helpful position changes
  • Will involve your partner, family or friend in the birth process (if desired)
  • Provide continuous support during labor, birth and up to 2 hours postpartum
  • Collaborate with your medical team to strive for the best possible birth experience
  • Will check on your well being in person or by phone the day after your birth


  • Replace your medical care providers or provide medical advice
  • Perform medical tasks such as vaginal exams or monitoring fetal heart rate
  • Make decisions for you or intervene in your medical care
  • Replace your partner, family or friends