What We Do


PDX Doulas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to provide professional birth doula services AT NO COST at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) Hospital to any woman who wants one.

PDX Doulas Mission Statement

We seek to be the gold standard of doula professionalism in a spirit of collaboration with health care providers.
PDX Doulas is proudly organized and run by a small group of dedicated volunteer doulas, funded entirely by donations and small grants. All of our doulas must complete an extensive application and interview process, attend an advanced doula training, and also meet the requirements of OHSU Volunteer Services.


  • Receive training on collaboration, diversity and patient confidentiality
  • Complete background checks, hospital orientation and continuing education
  • Are required to be certified or in the process of certifying
  • Assist with comfort measures such as massage, relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques
  • Suggest helpful position changes
  • Will involve your partner, family or friend in the birth process (if desired)
  • Provide continuous support during labor, birth and up to 2 hours postpartum
  • Collaborate with your medical team to strive for the best possible birth experience
  • Will check on your well being in person or by phone the day after your birth


  • Replace your medical care providers or provide medical advice
  • Perform medical tasks such as vaginal exams or monitoring fetal heart rate
  • Make decisions for you or intervene in your medical care
  • Replace your partner, family or friends
Photo courtesy of Hanna Vogel